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Are you tired of contacting those large, impersonal national agencies who only know you by a number or email address? We are different, we CARE and we are a local, independent agency focused on finding real people, real jobs, right here in the greater Reno area. We want to know you, and what will work for you.

We have been hard at work here in the Reno area for many years and know which employers we want to work with. Our placement specialists are trained and ready to find the right employees for the right jobs today!

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You can get started immediately with our seamless online application process. Login and create a username and password and start your application process right from home on your smart phone, it is that easy. You will find the process of searching for the right job and completing your application online a snap! Once you have completed your application, you will receive a message thanking you for starting an application with TempSnap. Your application will be forward to our HR Department for review and processing. Seriously, the whole process is easy peasy!!

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